TeleMD Live-Stream Marathon on #COVID19 — HOUR #2 – SAT 4/25/20

Dr. Corsi continues with Arthur, a Corsi Nation team member who runs the, the sister website for dedicated to faith and prayer. Arthur tells his personal story…last week Arthur began to feel ill (dry and raspy cough, fever, and general feelings of being unwell), and contacted his personal physician, who concluded that Arthur had contracted the CCP Wuhan Virus (“COVID-19”). Arthur used the TeleMD program to connect with a physician, who, in coordination with Arthur’s personal physician evaluated Arthur’s condition and agreed with the personal physician’s diagnosis. The two physicians agreed upon a treatment program: Hydroxychloroquine, with Zinc and Azithromycin. Arthur obtained the meds the next day, immediately began the treatment regimen (the same as the protocol provided by Dr. Zelenko and other doctors including Dr. Graves), and began to quickly feel a positive change in his condition. Within 24 hours, Arthur’s temperature began to return to normal, the cough lessened, and even though he continued to feel unwell, he was optimistic that he was on the mend. Arthur reports now that his temperature is normal, the cough is continuing to improve, and although somewhat tired, is continuing on toward anticipated full recovery. By God’s grace! …and no thanks to Fauci. Arthur does thank all of you who prayed for him during this time and continue to go to to post prayers for all reasons (Corsi, 2020, April 25).


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