TeleMD TeleMD Live-Stream Marathon on #COVID19 — HOUR #1 – SAT 4/25/20

Dr. Corsi begins the TeleMD Telethon with an introduction to the TeleMD program where you can schedule a telemedicine doctor consultation from anywhere in the USA on YOUR schedule. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is the Medical Advisor for this TeleMD program but does not receive compensation from the TeleMD program and he does not serve in any official corporate position. The TeleMD program is NOT political. TeleMD is open to all people on an equal basis, regardless of political perspective, race, gender, or age. TeleMDs are prepared to consult with you on HCQ and COVID-19. Prescriptions written by TeleMDs will be delivered to you ASAP, generally within 24-hours. All patient information is maintained solely by in accordance with all HIPAA privacy rules as set by U.S. laws and government regulations. Patient privacy information is not shared with (Corsi, 2020, April 25).

Corsi, J. (2020, April 25). TeleMD Live-Stream Marathon on #COVID19 — HOUR #1 – SAT 4/25/20 [Video]. Retrieved from