Spiritual Revival

Author Rick Joyner Discusses COVID-19 and America’s 3rd Spiritual Revival with Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Corsi interviews author Rick Joyner regarding the spiritual implications of COVID-19. Rick shares his perspectives regarding this opportunity for an American Third Spiritual Revival. Psalm 23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.” Rick: “I think He (The Lord) is making us rest awhile. I think he’s giving us a chance to reset our priorities, make Him our first love again, our first devotion.” Many people “are experiencing some form of spiritual revival through all of this.” The First Awakening took place during the period of the Revolutionary War, and the Second Awakening was ushered in during the 1800’s by Pastor Charles Finney before the Civil War. Rick shares a dream: “From heaven’s perspective, we did not win the Revolutionary War. From heaven’s perspective, it wasn’t just about getting independence from Britain, which we accomplished…it was about establishing a place where all people are treated equally, fairly, there is no discrimination…a place where there is liberty and justice for all. …We put in our reason for declaring independence that we believed all men are created equal, except for the slaves. …So really, the Civil War became inevitable because we did not do the job in the Revolutionary War. …and we really didn’t finish the job in the Civil War either…there would have been no need for a Civil Rights Movement if we just believed in the Declaration of Independence. …At the end of the dream, we were having another revolution/civil war, right here in America to finish the job. I think it’s unfolding as we speak. …and it will be successful.” Visit our sister website, http://www.theprayerfulpatriot.com dedicated to faith and prayer (Corsi, 2020, April 16).


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