How 5G Could be Used to Block Oxygen?

How 5G Could be Used to Block Oxygen? BioAcoustics expert & Attorney, Robert O’Leary, joins the program to discuss his findings on 5G’s potential interference with Iron and Oxygen. His research was published last fall before the effects were starting to be questioned. We discuss frequency and how the 5G band could do much more than just block oxygen by means of iron. The entire periodic table and much of our DNA could interfere with 5G depending on the frequencies used for 5G transmission. You can reach Robert O’Leary on his email: (Westall, 2020, April 16).


Westall, S. (2020, April 16). How 5G Could be Used to Block Oxygen & Potential Much More – Science of 5G, Frequency & Humans [Video]. Retrieved from