Dr Corsi DEEP DIVE Interview 04-20-20: Dr Andrew Bostom – Virus Statistical & Historical Analysis

Dr Corsi interviews Dr. Andrew Bostom as he presesents a statistical & historical analysis of COVID-19. A review of Dr. Bostom’s data https://www.andrewbostom.org/2020/04/… paints a picture completely different from that portayed by Dr. Fauci, the FAKE NEWS, and the Democrat Socialists. Multi-billionaire Bill Gates tipped his hand again on March 24, 2020 when he argued against opening the country: “It’s very tough to say to people, ‘Hey, keep going to restaurants, go buy new houses, ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner. We want you to keep spending because there’s maybe a politician who thinks [gross domestic product] GDP growth is what really counts.” Dr. Bostom presents evidence for several recent fact-based studies and conducrts a comparison to former periods of severe illness and reveals that this year’s over-reaction is quite unprecedented and more dangerous than people taking traditional prudent personal care steps furing such ocassions. Dr. Bostom concludes: “Hope springs eternal Dr. Fauci will very soon short-circuit his own present cognitive dissonance. Let us pray Dr. Fauci openly acknowledges his concurrence with Dr. Ioannides both on the pandemic influenza-like CFR range of covid19, and its circumscribed lethality disproportionately targeting the elderly, and support accelerated easing of the economy-crushing lockdowns plaguing our country much more severely than the new virus.” Tune in Monday through Friday at 11:00am EDT for another show. Visit our sister website, http://www.theprayerfulpatriot.com dedicated to faith and prayer. https://www.patreon.com/jeromecorsi/ https://www.subscribestar.com/jerome_…


Corsi, J. (2020, April 20). Dr Corsi DEEP DIVE Interview 04-20-20: Dr Andrew Bostom – Virus Statistical & Historical Analysis [Video]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/34HuqPhwats

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