Dr Corsi DEEP DIVE Interview: 04-15-20 A Panel of Conservative Activists Discuss COVID-19 & Freedom

Dr. Corsi interviews a panel of Conservative activists and Dr. Karladine Graves regarding COVID-19 and the threat to our freedoms.

Lisa Pannett from St. Louis, Missouri describes a way for the Show Me state to push back against government over-reach regarding dispensing HCQ. Lisa is also passionate about protecting the First Ammendment Rights to free exercise of religion as the governor has not taken action to protect that right.

Vicki Purdy of Adams County, Idaho shared that the governor announced there are no remedies and no cures for COVID-19 even though he must be
aware of HCQ. Vicki persists in investigating what is going on and how to ensure citizens are protected.

Janice Dysinger lives in Oregon and said that the Democrat Governor is saying she will wait untill “mid May” before opening up the state. Janice is President of Oregonians for Fair Elections,

Dran Reese is in ministry work in California, and is fighting to educate people about the effects of the lockdown as it has thrown millions of workers out of their jobs. Dran’s husband runs a company called readyamerica.com providing personal protective equipment. Dran also started a website “The 2020 Panel” with interviews of various newsmakers.

Tami Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the North Carolina Values Coalition, impacting culture by influencing public policy, and elections to protect life, family, and religious freedom.

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