Jerome Corsi DAILY NEWS SYNOPSIS 04-14-20 BREAKING: TeleMD – Access To HCQ USA-wide,

Dr. Corsi has announced that TeleMD access has gone live through

Dr. Corsi has conducted a series of “deep dive” interviews with licensed physicians who have provided evidence that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with Zinc is proving to be an effective treatment for those suffering from COVID-19 as well as preventive effects for those who are not infected. If you view the interviews (go to, you will see licensed physicians acknowledge that HCQ is not a medication affirmed by government medical officials to have been proven effective in combating COVID-19 because to date no rigorous scientifically controlled random assignment experiments have been conducted testing HCQ against COVID-19.

Yet, the physicians also explain that since 1945, HCQ has been a recommended treatment and preventative for malaria. After decades of medical doctors prescribing HCQ for malaria patients, the physicians we interviewed generally feel HCQ is a “safe” medication when prescribed by a medical doctor. The MDs expressed in the interviews their acceptance of MDs prescribing “off label” medications (i.e., those not specifically proven to be effective for a particular disease), has partnered with for them to provide their telemedicine consultations with licensed physicians able to prescribe HCQ for both a treatment and as a prophylactic as needed against COVID-19, as the MDs deem fit to do so.

Speak With A TeleMD: Schedule a Telemedicine doctor consultation from anywhere in the USA on YOUR schedule.

TeleMDs are prepared to consult with people regarding HCQ and COVID-19. Prescriptions written by TeleMDs delivered ASAP, generally within 24-hours.

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